I'm getting an error when I open /admin/install.php in my web browser.
Site error: the file /admin/index.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator.
Ioncube loader needs to be installed on your server.

What's the admin password?
The admin password is set in configs.php

How do I change the template?
In Admin Settings, change the Templates Directory Path and URL.

The View counts are not increasing
Setup the cron job for /tubeace-admin/tabulate_views.php to execute every 15 minutes or as frequently you wish to tabulate
the view counts for videos. You will need to enter the admin password in the cron command URL.

example cron command:


Auto-Scheduling doesn't work.

Make sure Auto-Scheduling is on in Admin Settings.

I updated the Templates or Settings, but nothing has changed.
Delete the files in the cache folder or wait for the new files to be generated.

How can I change the video player in /templates/themename/videos.php?
In your Tube Ace Admin, go to Videos > Manage Video Players. Edit the code for the player you wish to change (usually 'Default').
Below are the available macros you can use in the Video Plyaer Code:
{video_file} - The video URL.
{thumb_file} - The thumbanil URL on your server.
{sponsor_thumb} - The thumbnail URL on sponsor's server.

When I try to update Videos in Admin > Mange Videos, the changes don't save.
This is probably due to suhosin being enabled on your server. See if you can get it disabled by your web host, or select a lower amount of results per page to view (try 3) when managing videos.

I'm getting a 404 error when I click on the video, browse or channel pages.
Make sure the .htaccess file was uploaded in your home directory. Also be sure that .htaccess files are allowed on your server.

I edited the Video Player code, but the player isn't displaying correctly in the web browser.
Make sure the PHP setting for magic_quotes_gpc is Off. If it's currently set to On, backslashes '\' are being added when you submit the form to edit the code, casuing the code not to work in your browser.

How can I add the warning page on other page?
Add the following line in any of the files such as R_videos.php after include'functions.php';: